Leather Key Case, Ghost Black

$26.00 $34.00


This minimalist and innovative design key case will not only keep your keys organised but also avoid jingle and scratch in your pocket. Instead of using metal screws it uses leather strap that securely holds the keys. The leather strap fastens using the 3 holes at the back of the case.

Unlike metal screws the leather strap is softer and flexible thus can hold variety of keys with different sizes and shapes of holes.


About Ghost leatherIt is vegetable tanned full grain leather, firm tempered and covered with white wax. The ghost finish is a white wax finish that will wear and patina over time exposing more and more of the beautiful colour beneath. Wax protects leather from weathering, ensuring a long life. You can buff with a cloth to remove some of the finish to get just the right look you want to start with. 


Vegetable tanned Italian leather
Solid brass snaps from USA
Holds 2 – 7 keys (up to 6.5cm long) + attached car key
Handcrafted and burnished
Height:  7.5cm / 2.9in
Width:    3.5cm / 1.3in Folded
2 x leather strap (1 different colour)